Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) 2020

WFFS is an annual exhibition held by Specialty Food Association (SFA) which was held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco on January 19-21, 2020.

This exhibition was attended by more than 1,400 companies located in the US and from various other countries and featured more than 80,000 specialty products. ITPC LA is in efforts to promote Indonesian specialty food and beverages products in the US market.

Specialty food means edible products that have premium quality and innovative. The specialty category is usually judged by some of the characteristics defined by the SFA. For example, having originality, ethnic or cultural origin, specific processing methods, basic ingredients, limited quantity, specific use, very attractive packaging, and specific distribution and sales channels. Specialty food that have premium quality will have a higher price on the market.

The Indonesia Pavilion, located in a premium area, features a variety of bean products such as cashews with chili and lime flavor, salted eggs, and corn with a taste that is very popular with the US people. The Indonesia Pavilion also features a variety of specialty teas that attract the attention of the US people who are very concerned with a healthy lifestyle such as oolong, black and pandanus tea, herbal medicine, and herbal tea.

The companies participating in WFFS 2020 are Nuts + Nuts, Import Java, PT Manohara Asri, PT Rukun Mapan Bersama (RMB Food), PT Harendong Green Farm, Indofood CBP Group, PT Suwe Ora Jamu Amertha, PT Mayora Indah, and PT Fanrice Indonesia.