How does ITPCLA help U.S importers?

  1. 1. We provide information on Indonesian product supply by sector and companies

  2. 2. Provide advice and information on government trade regulation to/from Indonesia

  3. 3. Assist trade visit arrangement to Indonesia in an effort to personally meet manufactures and exporters

  4. 4. Provide assistance in coordinating and facilitating business contact between Indonesian exporters and US importers

  5. 5. Collect information of Indonesian companies who participate in overseas trade exhibitions.

How does ITPC help the Indonesian Manufacturers/ Exporters?

  1. 1. We provide information on the US market while also creating an access to the US market

  2. 2. Provide market penetration and expansion

  3. 3. Prepare useful aid in promoting Indonesia products through trade promotions, trade exhibitions, trade missions, publication and business visits.

What are the main import commodities from Indonesia to the US?

It varies according to the US trade market. According to a statistic list by Indonesian Ministry of Trade, for the time period of January 2010-December 2010, there are approximately 10 main import products from Indonesia. Which are (1) Knit Apparel/HS 61 (6.79 persen), (2) Rubber/HS 40 (10.28 persen), (3) Woven Apparel/HS 62 (7.53 persen),  (4) Electrical Machinery/HS 85 (2.67 persen), (5) Fish & Seafood/HS 03 (8.15 persen), (6) Furniture and bedding/HS 94 (2.24 persen), (7) Footwear/HS 64 (4.32 persen), (8) Machinery/HS 84 (1.53 persen),  (9) Cocoa HS 18 (13.49 persen), dan (10) Spices, Coffee and Tea/ HS 09 (8.49 persen)

What are the Indonesian products that are displayed at the ITPC-LA office showroom?

  • 1. We have a wide selections of natural spices such as clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric (kunyit)

  • 2. World-class coffee bean and green tea  from Central Java and Sumatra

  • 3. Charcoal (Car Rims)

  • 4. Wood Furniture ( Bed Frame, Lazy Chair, TV rack)

  • 5. Home Decorations and Handicraft

  • 6. Fashion Apparel ( clothes, shoes, Jewelry)

  • 7. Food ( from canned tuna, peanuts, milk, juice, sardines, soybean crackers, aloe vera, pineapple chips)

  • 8. Natural Medicine (Jamu)

What is the role of Trade Expo Indonesia in driving Indonesia’s economic growth?

Trade Expo Indonesia has played and will continue playing an important role for Indonesia’s economy. The Annual TEI exhibition is formed by the government to boost non-oil and gas exports in order to reduce dependency on exports of oil & gas products.

In the last five years, ever since TEI was formed, Indonesia’s non-oil and gas exports reached $556.6 billion, an almost tenfold increase from that of the first five-year period between 1985 and 1990!

Trade Expo Indonesia is Indonesia’s largest annual B to B export product expo. It offers a highly selective range of world class quality products for exports, from natural-based commodities, high technology, and strategic industry to creative industry covering not only products but also services which have met the international standard recognize world-wide.

What is the target market for TEI ?

  1. Buyers – to take a close look at what Indonesia has to offer, explore its natural commodity potentials.

  2. Producers – to take this opportunity to introduce their latest range of export quality product.

What countries were buyers from?

Buyers - There were 135 countries participated in the event. Buyers were from:

  1. 1. United Kingdom

  2. 2. Mexico

  3. 3. Australia

  4. 4. North Korea

  5. 5. French

  6. 6. Germany

  7. 7. Russia

  8. 8. Saudi Arabia

  9. 9. Canada

  10. 10. United States

  11. 11. Japan

  12. 12. United Emirates & more

Explain how TEI previous show was!

Last year (2010), Trade Expo Indonesia successfully attracted more than 7.914 buyers from 135 countries, and generated in total trade transactions valued at US$ 222.98 million. The fact that thousands of buyers from many countries come to visit Resources (Trade expo) Indonesia every years demonstrates a high commitment of our trading partners around the world; and also a solid prove that Indonesia is one of the potential and reliable suppliers of qualified and competitive consumer products.

Participants ranging from small and medium enterprises, cooperatives, private companies and state-owned enterprises. The Trade Ministry also invited 8,000 buyers from more than 100 countries.

How many exhibitors participated in the event?


  1. 1. Non Government Companies – 273 Exhibitors

  2. 2. Indonesian Government Institutions – 98 Exhibitors

What are some of the Indonesia’s key commodities that were showcased?

Our key commodities that were showcased are :

  1. 1. Main products – Furniture, Footwear, Coffee, Rubber products, Cocoa, Textile, Automotive Components, Prawn, Electric & Electronics.

  2. 2. Potential Products – Jewelry & Accessories, Herbal & Essential Oils, Leather & Leather Products, Spices, Fish & Fish products, Medical Instruments.

  3. 3. Services Products – Information Technology, Job Worker, Construction Services.

  4. 4. Multi-Products – Agricultural Products, Household Goods, Heavy Machineries, Wooden Products, Chemical Products.